Communication (skills) trends to look out for in 2024

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Unlock the secrets to mastering people and the professional realm in the coming year! Here are the communication (skills) trends to look out for in 2024.

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Dear valued Clients

I am proud to announce that this communication skills blog has been completely written by a human, namely me! I can’t guarantee if AI will write these blogs for me going forward, but you can be rest assured that this human who has been training corporate communication skills for 27 years, is applying his own knowledge, experience and insights to bring you my forecasted communication trends for 2024. I hope you find this helpful.

Niels Bohr once said, it’s very hard to make predictions, especially about the future.

Where do we find ourselves?

2024 is the Chinese Year of the Wood Dragon. When our imaginations conjure up images of dragons, we can literally picture the themes of this year: fire, power, passion, change and little room for being timid. 2024 is likely to be a year where communication takes on a dynamic and influential tone.

People born under the sign of the dragon are thought to possess charisma and persuasive abilities. Their articulate nature and persuasive passion make them effective communicators, forging strong connections and inspiring others. The dragon’s magical qualities add a noticeable touch of drama, encouraging robust and impactful dialogue this year.

Expect vibrant, charged and engaging communication atmospheres throughout the year. On a larger global context in the Chinese Year of the Dragon, we can expect themes of power, transformation, change and innovation resonating internationally throughout the year. The dragon, symbolising enormous power and vitality, becomes a universal metaphor for positive change and progress. Look out for resilience and determination, and the forging of collaboration and strategic partnerships. The dynamism associated with the dragon prompts breakthroughs in technological advancements and even powers the drive for sustainable development, enabling a shared narrative of growth and collective solidarity on the international stage.

Trends to look out for:

  1. AI / Chat GPT – is set to revolutionise communication faster and wider than Covid did. AI generated content helps us to chat and share info far more efficiently by giving us chosen and customised responses on a plethora of topics. It’s also a helpful tool for teamwork, making it easy for people to work together. It’s also a fantastic in helping you to create all sort of written documents, from business plans to proposals, saving you time. AI generally writes very well.

    Think of AI content generators as ‘a calculator for words’. I sense the real cognitive test now will become rather how we work with all the information AI supplies. I use AI a lot for my primary level research to get a basic document structure in place. I then research further and contribute my own experience, insights and conclusions. 

    We humans still need to do the ‘secondary level analysis’ work. Secondary level analysis involves examining and interpreting data collected by others. It goes beyond initial observations, delving deeper into existing information to derive additional insights or conclusions. The challenge now is: do we have the experience and knowledge to check and build on what Chat GPT and other models provide? 

  2. Political landmines in a hugely polarised world. Anyone tuned into world events must be fairly concerned about the massive rise in global conflicts in an increasingly polarised world. The eastern BRICS countries are focused on breaking the long-held power and control of The West. The Ukraine, Palestine and Iraq conflicts are escalating instability and volatility in Europe and The Middle East.

    Expect people globally this year to be pushed to the limit economically, financially and socially causing strain in both personal and professional relationships. This will cause communication and conflict to ratchet up and become far more confrontational, direct and immediate. These are tough times which call for tough conversations. This fiery surge is likely to fuel a huge pushback against the Woke agenda and movement.
  3. General elections worldwide. 2024 is not just an election year. It’s perhaps the election year. On an unprecedented scale, over 64 nations, coupled with the European Union, are gearing up for national elections, representing a staggering 49% of the world’s population. The outcomes of these general elections promise to be pivotal, casting a long-lasting impact on the destinies of nations worldwide.

    In this pivotal global election year, you are likely to witness Information warfare and high drama baiting by populist leaders and influencers. Everyone now has a social voice and everyone has an opinion. This is going to be a noisy year.  Expect lots of pre-election noise, revelations and outbursts.

  4. World’s economy under pressure – leads to the language of constraint. People become more careful with their finances, resources and communication.

  5. Youth issues – Our young are inheriting a planet in polluted and social chaos. It is their burden and priority to take a stand against older generations and lead the rehabilitation of the planet. As a result of this, generational psychology and inter-generational communication skills become more pronounced. 

  6. Future proofing yourself against AI – As we contemplate a landscape where AI stands poised to potentially replace around 800 million jobs worldwide by 2030, a palpable sense of anticipation pervades the global stage. The economic ramifications are no less monumental, with AI projected to yield the astonishing economic impact of $15.7 trillion by the same year. Humans therefore need to develop skills that AI has not yet mastered. You luckily presently have the EQ advantage until AI has caught up with EQ by 2029.

  7. New confidence in presenting – TikTok is an unconventional yet powerful platform encouraging self-expression and bolstering confidence. Through creative challenges and engaging content creation, users build the courage to showcase their unique personalities and creativity. The app’s user-friendly format pushes individuals to refine their presentation skills, enhancing their ability to communicate more effectively. As users share their talents, TikTok becomes a dynamic space for personal growth, leading to increased self-assurance and polished presentation abilities. It also develops the new critical ‘broadcasting skills’, which are essential for impactful virtual communication. Communicating virtually is the new soft skills currency.

  8. Presenting has evolved – presenting is becoming increasingly natural and more conversational. The formal speeches of years gone by don’t hold modern audiences who yearn for a more authentic and engaging presentation style. The younger generation is simply not interested in ‘power speaking’. Thankfully, there is now less need to impress. So learn to lead conversations. Be yourself and just do it.

  9. Complimentary diverse strengths in teams – In the quest for team success, leaders seek complementary strengths that weave a tapestry of diversity. As a member of a work team, unearth your unique ‘wow’ factor and differentiator—what sets you apart. Understand your key value and continually develop it, asking how you can elevate your contribution and value to the team. The key lies in becoming indispensable: a linchpin whose absence would be felt keenly. Embrace these questions as guiding stars on your journey to personal and collective excellence.

  10. Leadership in 2024 – In the dynamic realm of 2024, leaders will grapple with the intricacies of an ever-evolving workplace, skilfully managing a myriad of leadership responsibilities. The challenge now is to harmonise organisational objectives with individual interests, promoting diversity, and skilfully manage both in-person and remote teams. Leaders must adeptly navigate intense pressures while developing an enlightened emotionally mature approach. At Communication Guru, we train up ‘Conscious Leaders’ primed to excel in this challenging leadership landscape.


Dear reader, I hope my communication forecast has stimulated your thinking and will help you prepare and gear yourself for the current communication year. Our Communication Guru strapline is “It is almost impossible to succeed unless you can communicate effectively.” This year, that will certainly be put to the test.

Please reach out to me at if we can help develop you or your organisation’s communication or leadership skills.

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Stress Management is a vital module in all of our training programmes because stress is the greatest enemy of effective communication. Listen to this 8 minute beautiful guided relaxation by Jenny Ibbotson. It will help you to manage anxiety and develop a habit of calmness.


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