The 5 greatest public speaking myths

Public speaking is often ranked as mankind's greatest fear after death. It has been feared and distorted beyond recognition, and its simple power and expressive truth has been lost by most. Let's help you by exploding some long held public speaking myths:

I am terrified of public speaking: The truth is that most people are absolutely terrified of public speaking. Three out of every four individuals suffer from presentation anxiety ... that is 75 percent of the world population according to the World Health Organization.

My Power point slides will help me to sell: No, they won't. People buy from people. Your Power Point is merely an aid ... a 'visual' aid. It is there to highlight key points and reinforce your message with a convincing visual overlay. So don't try and hide behind your slides. You need to shine and sell.

I need to stand still when I present: This is an absolute poisonous myth. No one wants to watch a motionless statue speak for half an hour. Movement gets attention and if your body is 'dead', your voice will be monotonous and dead too. Gestures free the voice, brain and your emotions. You need all three to express yourself freely. You probably were forced to present motionless at school. That's very unnatural. No wonder you hate public speaking now.

Find the friendly face in the audience: This is one of the worst things you can do. You literally put an intense spotlight on one poor person, and you ignore the rest of your audience! This is presentation suicide.

Public speaking is the talent of a few: This is perhaps the greatest myth. Actually anyone can learn how to become a great presenter. If you can speak to a friend or share a story, you have all you need to captivate an audience. That's all public speaking really is. It's a sharing of information and letting an audience know that you are their friend. If you can speak to one person, then you can speak to a whole crowd. An audience is merely a whole lot of individuals who happen to be sitting together ...

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