How well can You communicate

Of course we can all communicate: we can all talk, write, and generally get by. But the question is HOW well can you actually communicate? For the level at which you are able to communicate ultimately determines how much you will succeed.

I trained a communication empowerment workshop recently where I only ended up having two learners in the class. The invite had been sent out to the whole division, and the majority had simply dismissed the opportunity as they all had felt that they were 'able to communicate'.

The two professionals who attended the workshop sat in embarrassed shock when they realised just how much about communication they had overlooked, taken for granted and were not even aware of. Their video-taped presentations at the beginning of the workshop clearly demonstrated just how weak their communication had actually been, whereas their final tapings showcased their miraculously-improved communication skills and they had finally been empowered with the necessary confidence and communication ability to propel their careers forward.


Answer the following easy questions to find out if you really have developed your communication skills to a level where you can really say that YOU CAN COMMUNICATE:

  1. Do you feel confident enough to handle any stressful personal or professional situation you find yourself in?
  2. Do you know how to control and relax your brain, emotions, body, and control your voice under pressure?
  3. Do you find presenting and negotiating easy and do receive great feedback about your ability to sell, motivate and convince others?
  4. Do you have the skill and ability to build great work relationships and are people naturally attracted to you?
  5. Does success come easily to you and do others see you as a leader?

John French, communication guru has the knowledge and experience to help you to learn all the necessary communication skills to make a success of your life. The learning modules are fun, easy and will empower you at every level. Give yourself the gift on confidence and empowered communication. Let us help you to achieve your potential.



"Excellence is more fun than mediocrity." - Leonard Berry

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